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About Gutemberg

Gutemberg Dos Santos is a Brazilian-American businessmen whose strategic vision is focused towards blockchain business models, artificial intelligence and innovative technologies and startups.

Life Coach Nowadays, Gutemberg Dos Santos has developed network marketing in 109 different countries, managing thousands of people amongst his companies. He is also an adviser of multiple software startup companies in Brazil. Additionally, he sponsors smart hardware and artificial intelligent internet of things development. Within his sports sponsorship portfolio, he sponsors athletes that compete in Nascar Mexico, Formula 1, Formula 3, Formula 4 and Mercedes Benz circuit. Philanthropist Philanthropist by nature, Gutemberg Dos Santos presides DA PONTE Brazil, Civil Association in charge of disseminating educational and social assistance programs and projects which increase the professional training of the entrepreneurial spirit and self-sustainability in the artistic, technological and scientific fields at a local, regional and national level in Brazil.