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I hope you have obtained what you were looking for when you asked me to find similarities between the formulas books for success, if you did not know, a few days ago I started with this series of reflections and the first book was "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Now after meditating a bit I decided to talk about "The 7 habits of highly effective people" is a work presented by Dr. Stephen R. Covey.

This series of habits are related to my daily life although I was not always aware that I already did put them into practice. I'm really surprised that by becoming aware of your actions you can start writing your own recipe that leads you to get results. With the time, I am more convinced that we are a mixture of actions that determine our present.

In my beginnings as an entrepreneur, I was constantly brainstorming and from my ideas, there were projects that I immediately wanted to start undertaking. But in the course of the road, I was discarding one by one, until I did not execute one of them. Why could not I start at least one idea? Maybe it was because I did not have adequate planning, or I just was not convinced of what I really wanted. But the real reason for that was simply the fear of failure and the little credibility I had of myself.

What I did not have in mind at that moment, is that I must always be clear that we learn through our own mistakes, if I want to grow up I have to dare to do things without fear of being wrong. It is worth mentioning what Confucius asserted: "our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall". Nobody is born knowing, and we acquire knowledge from our own experiences. Each individual grows with prejudices and customs that define his way of acting, but this does not define his limits.

When I got interested in reading the work of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, it was precisely because I needed a guide who encouraged me to acquire skills to better structure my ideas and thus be able to execute them. Covey mentions in his work, "the 7 habits of highly effective people", that habits are: "the intersection between knowledge, capacity and desire".

Each person reacts differently to each situation. An example of this are reactive people. This type of individuals, when in conflicting circumstances, tend to act in a negative way and do nothing to try to change their context. The other type of person, are the individuals that in a difficult situation try to get the best out of it, without falling into frustration and rather detect alternative solutions; These people are characterized by being proactive.

Since I proposed myself having a more proactive attitude I began to execute, with greater ease, effective actions that have helped me to be a more secure and independent person. I clarify that independence is only one phase of my life that, as I go on acquiring experiences, I can mature and grow until I become aware that all nature is interdependent as the book proposes. Interdependence is nothing more than the connection I maintain with others, always seeking his welfare; but I must find something in common with the other person so that he is able to establish an affective and effective relationship.

The second habit mentioned in the book, and that I consider to be the motor that sets my thoughts in motion, is "to have an end in mind". What really brings meaning to my life is the end that I have in mind, if I am not clear about this end, I can easily lose the direction and the control of my life.

To maintain this attitude, I need another habit, which is the discipline to prioritize what is truly important, what is not important only gets me away from my goals. What I do every day when I get up is to activate my spiritual domain as Dr. Covey advises, that is, to be clear about what I will do. In this way I wake up and start motivational intelligence; nothing and no one should interfere negatively in the scope of my objectives. I have the ability to control and modify my situations in order to maintain my course to success, assuming my full freedom and responsibility to be able to achieve it without affecting others.

The win-win is another habit that inspires me, I do not conceive to be a self-sufficient and autonomous individual, I am part of the whole, that is, I recognize the existence of others. I have to be attentive and detect the people I can involve in my project to strengthen it, and make fruitful alliances that always go hand in hand to have a positive result that is win-win. I cannot go around the world believing that, for every a winner there always have to be a loser. One of the recommendations that this book offers me is that I must think that abundance exists everywhere, I must generate a cooperative and non-competitive environment.

I must be attentive to everything and to others. Listening is a quality that has always characterized me and Dr. Covey considers it a priority habit in order to know how to establish interpersonal relationships "First, seek understanding, then being understood". With this phrase I have come to obtain a more effective communication. A basic ingredient in the projects I have undertaken is to know how to listen to others, it is not just about paying attention to what others say, nor about making my answer to what they are telling me. I must tune my brain to listen with the firm conviction that we are not all equal and we do not all think the same. I cannot put my ideas and my experiences before because they cannot always be applicable to others.

"Unity or identity implies complementarity, not equality. Equality is not creative ... and it's boring. The essence of synergy is to value differences. "

These differences and variety of thoughts have strengthened my personal development, they have helped me to reinvent myself and to work as a team to create things that turn out to be fascinating.

I must admit that I have found myself in situations that take me to the limit because I do not recognize that I do not have the skills to solve the problem at that moment. When this happens I must assume with humility and responsibility that it is time to go to the right person who has enough skills to do it. The above gives me more security, and above all, makes me recognize the strengths of others to establish synergy. Sinergy is the sixth habit posed by Dr. Covey and defines it "as the result of cultivating the ability and attitude of valuing diversity".

Finally, I found the seventh habit "sharpen the saw." When I managed to be on the tip of the iceberg, I arrived satisfied and glorious, but later, that feeling led me to rethink the next step. Before taking this step, I stop to meditate how I am, physically, mentally and spiritually. I make sure I have a healthy condition, I recognize my scope and limitations to which I have faced, I thank for the coexistence and synergy that I built hand in hand with my work team; and I recognize that, thanks to this, I managed to reach my goal.

Time is preparing me to continue building clearer objectives, to set projects that I can safely undertake. To assume the responsibility that I have with my environment to always go in search of the common good, contributing with new leaders that assume their commitment with the same desires and strengths, same that helped me to achieve my objectives. The above describes and brings meaning to the term "sharpen the saw" as referred by the author. I stop for a moment to breathe and rethink better strategies so that my actions are more effective and innovative.

It is clear to me that the experiences I live every day, and the coexistence I have with others, leads me to acquire more knowledge and strengthen my abilities. I can define my ideas, identify the tools with which I count on, determine my field of action; I know how to recognize my abilities and others´ abilities too. This leads me to travel with confidence and safety any path I decide to draw to achieve my goals. This is how my ideas do not stay in the air, because I am able to land them and execute them.

Gutemberg Dos Santos


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