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This is the third book that I decided to recommend to people who have requested it. I took the initiative and came with brief reflections on them. For this, I make a series of analogies from my experiences and the advice that each of them brings. With the work "The magic of thinking big", I finished this series of reflections that led me to evaluate the path I have been through to reach my goals.

Since I was a child I always had dreams were getting bigger over time. I imagined what it would be like if I could reach them, the emotion was so strong that I felt I really lived it. I was always very restless and creative, I could not always be living in the same place and with the same people, I felt there was more to know. I wanted to travel around the world, get in touch with dreamy people like me who wanted to undertake big things. And so it was, I came to know colleagues who also wanted to be successful entrepreneurs, but few came to materialize their project. I realized that those who were left behind on the road, were so, not really because they could not reach their goals, but because there were always excuses not to reach them.

I am not one of the people who usually give tips to undertake or start something. I like to listen and share some of my experience without making others believe that this is how things work. Everyone has his own knowledge, skills and tools that make people unique. When someone entrusts their experiences to me, I detect their strengths between the lines. I retake these points to highlight the things  they can take advantage from.

The book "The magic of thinking big" is a work that helps the self-discovery of skills and abilities that lead to dreams landing. To do this, we must be disciplined, make sacrifices, take risks and develop self-confidence. The belief in myself is the main ingredient to be able to achieve what I set out to do. David J. Schwartz mentions the following "Create big. - Think of big goals and you will achieve great success. "

There is no single formula for success. Everyone has a different formula to achieve what is proposed. But sometimes it takes more work to some people rather than others to discover it. In the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur, the lack of confidence led me to blind myself towards the opportunities that were put before me. Fear causes insecurity that result in stones, obstacles or excuses; that cross in the way and prevents me from reaching my goal. For this reason, security is the seed that I have to water every day in order to increase my confidence and offer others the best of me; this way I am confident in what I say, do and think. The author summarizes it in the following:

"Fear prevents people from capitalizing on an opportunity; fear casts down physical vitality; fear makes people really sick, causes organic difficulties, shortens existence; Fear closes your mouth when you want to talk.” "Fear of all kinds and volumes is a form of psychological infection."

David J. Schwartz offers us on his book a specific treatment to cure this mental infection as he calls it. Action is the cure of fear. When acting in difficult situations and conflicts, I block fear by remembering clearly where I want to go. I translate my fear and discover that I have no reason to hold onto it. If I start to nourish my brain with positive thoughts, I will strengthen my self-confidence, in such a way that I will prevent uncertainty from drowning me. If I always maintain the balance, and mostly all the congruence, between what I want, think, say and do; I will take my levels of confidence and credibility to the limit.

Cchallenges are vitamins that I take every time I feel prone to decay. I can not aspire to stay still or stable, when I reach that point I decide to set a goal. People usually, when in times of crisis, decide to evaluate their situation to take measures which allows them to maintain their stability; but what I really have to do is measure the volume of my thought and Schwartz offers us a clear example that is the following:

Situation: Expenses/Bills

The narrow-minded approach: Find ways to increase revenue by reducing expenses.

The big-thinking approach: Find ways to increase revenue through more merchandise sales.

One more example offered by the author is about "security", a person with a regular thought, is surrounded by small thinkers, a person who takes the path of big thinking is surrounded by people with broad and progressive ideas.

I perfect the actions every day, I reflect on the mirror what I want them to see of me, from my gesticulations, my appearance, the tone of voice, my language. If I want to be seen as a successful person I have to dress, talk, walk, act, as such. In the same way I go places where I coexist with people of high expectations. I get away from people who complain all the time about their situation and are not doing anything to improve it. I do not listen or take negative comments towards me. I only take suggestions from people who make constructive criticism and are congruent with what they say and do. I sympathize with groups of people who want to get ahead, who fight every day to catch an opportunity and do not victimize for not getting it immediately.

In this book I found numerous examples of everyday situations of which I can be a witness. The author uses them to focus and make them habits that lead to forging an entrepreneurial attitude through decisive actions and progressive thoughts that will lead us to success. One more phrase that I would like to mentione from this work is the following: "Where success interests, people are not measured by inches, pounds or grades of school, or family settings; they are measured by the volume of their thinking.” If I have the firm conviction of what I am and what I want, I will certainly get what I want. The academic preparation and my context are an important foundation but it is not what determines my success, however, the attitude I have towards life, the determination of my actions and the volume of my positive thoughts have led me to set bigger challenges .

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