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It's happening right now.

There is no way to stop it.

Nobody, not even the United States, can stop the global financial collapse.

His name is deflation.

And no matter how many banknotes the world banks print, the supply is outstripping the demand.

Consumers are not spending at previous levels and the economy is going to turn worse.

But the question is what will happen to Bitcoin when the global collapse happens?

What will happen if the banking system completely collapses?

Although it will be a very hard time for society as we know it, the world will turn to Bitcoin as the new 'gold'.

As a result, Bitcoin will have an eruption of global buying and acceptance, becoming a global currency of choice in a collapsed economy.


There have already been small-scale demonstrations of this in the world.

In 2013, the government of Cyprus announced an extremely radical measure.

It would use the money from the personal accounts of his citizens for a financial rescue plan.

Quickly, the citizens of Cyprus went to Bitcoin to save their money and the government could not use it.

They used the virtual currency as insurance for their money and wealth.

As a result, the price and demand for bitcoins grew at that time.

Similarly, the case of Greece in 2015, being about to leave the European community, the Greeks used the virtual currency to safeguard their wealth.

Meanwhile the US Federal Reserve has kept its interest at 0% for 10 years. Nothing to prove after the crisis of 2008.

The evidence is clear.

In times of crisis, the population turns to Bitcoin to preserve the value of their money and wealth.

In addition, government invasions of privacy and pseudo-attempts to solve bad economic times only contribute to pessimism, frustration and anger.

More reasons to approach Bitcoin.


If the financial collapse comes, the popular reaction is always to exchange currency to avoid losing the value of money.

And for this, Bitcoin has a couple of advantages over any currency of any country.

It is not controlled by any central authority.

If the main problem is the actions of governments and financial institutions, the simplest thing will be to turn to a currency that is not directed by any central authority.

This gives people the certainty that the same problem will not happen again and that we will not be destined to repeat the same story.

In addition, every day the scrutiny of the authorities in the financial or currency exchange is deeper.

Some time ago in Canada the exchange fom CAD to USD was totally free. Today you have to give the exchange house your name, address and telephone number of the person who wants to change to US dollars, regardless of the amount.

However, with Bitcoin none of that can happen. By not being controlled, the currency is completely confidential and the transactions are only a number in the Blockchain

Easier to get

Being a digital currency, obtaining bitcoins is extremely simple.

It can be bought and sold through Internet without any complication and from anywhere in the world.

In a panic situation, getting other denominations will be done through secondary markets or black markets. With Bitcoin this will never happen.

The solution

Despite all this, something good was born.

The creation of Satoshi Nakamoto (creator of Bitcoin under a pseudonym) offers privacy and security beyond what a government can issue.

It is beyond the self-perpetuation that governments and financial entities have by nature.

Can we think that governments may be victims of the tendency to make things worse while trying to improve things?

And so lead to a better financial future with Bitcoin.

Gutemberg Dos Santos


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