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How Do I Bring Life To My Dreams?

More than once people have approached me to ask me what personal development book I have read and which ones I can recommend. For this reason, I gave myself the task of making a brief analysis of my own experience as an entrepreneur, based on more significant self-improvement books within the field of entrepreneurship.

"I chose three books that have coincided personally with what I have learned along the way to my definition of success"

I chose three books that have coincided personally with what I have learned along the way to my definition of success, although one of my thoughts is that there is no exact formula, each one develops his own path, his own formula. One of them is the book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. To make this brief reflection, I highlighted some textual guidelines of the author to compare them with my own experience.

To begin, take as a starting point the following reflection: how many times I went to sleep thinking that tomorrow would be better. But it was time to get up and for one reason or another it was getting late, I remembered all the pending matters and commitments; payments to make, some family problems, etc. At that moment my body began to be charged with negative vibes that led me to swim against the tide. Consequently, the day I had visualized a night before, I would go the same routine and the same negative thoughts.

The above led me to question the following: What does really detonate and make me start a day full of energy with positive thoughts to attract success and prosperity? “The Secret” is a self-help book that led me to reflect on how I have acted before the true desires that I have; if I really conceive them consciously or simply make them a utopia, that is, I turn them into unattainable dreams. The really important thing is not to have good wishes, but to put my body in tune with what I really want to get for my life. Rhonda Byrne calls this the "Law of Attraction" as she refers in her book. When I look for something, I must change my frequency, have thoughts that lead me to wealth, health, happiness or our relationships.

When I read this book I clearly focused on the following: "Thoughts are magnetic and have a frequency. When we have a thought it is sent to the universe, and magnetically attracts those things that are on the same frequency." I have always believed that everything starts from the way I ask for things, I must always make clear the ideas and know what I really want. And as I clarify it, I'll be sending signals to the universe to make things happen.

"Not only have to ask for what I want but also have the firm belief that I will soon have it".


Another phrase that I put into practice every time I want and wish something is the one that Rhonda Byrne refers to, "for us to receive things, it implies acting, speaking and thinking as if we had already received what we asked for. When that frequency of having received is emitted, the law of attraction moves people, produces the events and creates the circumstances for you to really receive it” In this way, I not only have to ask for what I want but also have the firm belief that I will soon have it.

It is equally relevant to know how to "ask" and "believe" in I have what I want, and it is of great value to realize that I receive things to enter in frequency and be able to materialize my wishes.

Little by little I began to realize the importance of the word gratitude. Since always, I have always had this beautiful virtue, to be grateful towards life and my own, and the author refers to gratitude as an action that must be put into practice all the time, which is a process for us to be through to make the law of attraction work. It is not enough to achieve to attract what I long for but to know how to thank everything that I receive to keep myself in constant harmony with the universe.

"It is not about minimizing my scope but to maximize my will".

Now I understand that however great my desire may seem, if I do it consciously and materialize it, the rest becomes steps to follow, without losing sight of my abilities, abilities and resources on which I count. It is not about minimizing my scope but to maximize my will. I must not lower the frequency of energy that will make what I want become tangible. I must not doubt for a second, the doubt makes me stagger and spend energy in the fear that this could evoke. I must be clear that fear can turn into my executioner and get me out of the way immediately. Undoubtedly, I have come across with hundreds of stones in my path, which made it difficult to reach my goal, but that has potentiated my desire, it makes more valuable and precious everything I have sacrificed to achieve it.

Every day I think that I should avoid sabotaging myself with negative thoughts. I have developed the conviction to love everything I do and I have, if I start to value everything that surrounds me, I will send positive signals to the universe so that it sends me, even faster, what I am asking for and, even better; I have the opportunity to transmit that energy to the people with whom I live daily, generating an environment that favors my development and maximizes my desires.

Now I always remember how important it is to enjoy the path I decide to take in order to reach my goals. I no longer waste time and energy on negative thoughts that only tie me to failure. I am convinced that the thoughts I have right now are creating my immediate future. I conceive myself as energy which is not created or destroyed, only transforms. And this transformation starts the vibrations that I send to the universe every day so that it returns magnetically in a positive way to my life, since I wake up, until I go to sleep.

Gutemberg Dos Santos


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